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    • I'm not suggesting that this virus necessarily made your life better because it occured, but it's probably helped improve your life in some ways, and it may help to reflect on some of the positives.

      For me it created a very stressful job situation that I didn't enjoy but then it improved somewhat. It got me out of dealing with some very unruly students with serious behavioural issues. It allowed me to learn some new skills on the computer. It allowed me to spent a lot more time with my girlfriend because we worked from home together. It gave me more flexibility from work. It saved me from having to drive so much. It lowered the price of gas and saved me money that way. It allowed me to go cycling earlier in the day when it was warmer and sunny out. It got me back into dirt biking and making some new friends. It made me realize what was important in life and helped me change job locations. It allowed me more flexibility in my workout schedule. It allowed me to eat better and not have to make a take to work lunch. It gave me more time to focus on finances and do more long term planning. It brought my father back from the United States so I'll have more opportunities to see him. It's has saved me money on haircuts. It's demonstrated to me that people really do have a lot of empathy for one another. It's made me feel more resourceful and prepared. It has made me realize what really matters in life. Even just focusing on these few things have helped me feel a bit more positive about the world. In what ways has this whole pandemic made something in your life better?

    • Nice work on the finding positives.

      Life in Brisbane is slowly getting back to normal-ish. The borders remain closed and social distancing is mandatory, but sport has returned or is returning and there are only 2 active cases in Qld. Other parts of the country are not so fortunate and are threatening to spike.

      We had a few months where the kids couldn't come over for Sunday dinner and some of my favourite rides were off limits, but on the whole, welllll .... positives ... hmmmm.

    • I think being furloughed due to the pandemic, and then returning to full-time, has made me realize how bad my work situation is at destroying the quality of my life. It’s amazing how over time you just acclimate to things and you don’t realize all the ways that a job can take away from you. I’ve been in worse situations, but that’s a pretty low bar to use for comparison. I don’t know if this knowledge will motivate me to make a change sooner, but it’s still good to gain this awareness and to be more mindful should better opportunities present themselves.