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    • I think that in the common place adventurers, women and men, both have a unicorn status. There are more people living the 9-5 than there are people who live the adventure life. That being said, I think for those who live the adventure life, we are often only visible within our own niche. RTW bike riders are known to bike riders, RTW sailors are known to sailors... Maybe we should reach out and try to connect across modes of transport/ passions of choice. I'm sure we all have so much in common!

      Let me go first, I'm a bike rider who travelled solo from Australia to the Netherlands and i would love to connect with women from other adventurous walks of life who relate to the above.

      Besides that, I think we are often modest in telling our stories. It's not written on our forehead what we do/have done. We share selectively, making sure we don't brag or offend other people, making sure they don't feel like we overpower. And there might be a lesson to learn, we can share our stories with more people to inspire while keeping our integrity. Showing we are ordinary human beings who did some more than ordinary things. Let's share that we sucked at it at first, that we dropped our bikes and had no idea how to tighten a chain, but that we did it anyways!

    • LOVE your input, Chantal!! I too would love to connect with other adventuresses. I'm a motorcycle rider on a slow (very slow!!:) ) RTW trip, currently riding South America.

      I remember meeting Rachel, this kick ass sailor, in Panama. We only chatted for a brief period of time but it did seem like we had so much in common - from being passionate about freedom and the world to similar stories of disbelief when men would assume that Rachel was a deck hand or a cook while she actually was the captain and owner of the boat (similar trope to the "You riiide? On your own? And this is your bike?" most female riders are familiar with).

      I think you're spot on that we only know each other in our own little niches and circles, and that it would be really cool to start connecting with other women who cycle, climb, sail, and so on.

      I wonder if we could get them talking here on Cake!

    • There is the women overlanding the world initiative that kind off creates this connection. It is really cool to read about women doing all sorts of different kick ass things. But we almost need a map to show where we are so we can meet in person. Online stuff is great but we quickly resort to the "how to" questions. That's good and we should help each other with "how to" stuff, but the real juice, in my opinion, sits under the surface when you really get to have an insight into who people are and what they have experienced.