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    • Chris MacAskill

      Announcing the armistice on November 11, 1918. It created huge celebrations in the allied nations.

    • Men of US 64th Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, celebrate the news of the Armistice, 11 November 1918 (Wikipedia).

    • Soldiers returning from World War I parading through Victory Arch on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC, 13 October 1919 (Wikipedia).

    • A sculpture by German artist Kathe Kollwitz, titled “The Mourning Parents” at the World War I Vladslo German Cemetery in Vladslo, Belgium.

      That's enough or I will cry.

    • Oh wow! ❤️

      “Employing state-of-the-art technology to transform audio and moving image archive footage more than a century old, Peter Jackson brings to life the people who can best tell the story of World War I: the men who were there. Driven by a personal interest in the conflict, Jackson sets out to explore the day-to-day experience of its combatants.”

    • I was so confused by this photo for several minutes until i realised this is not the actual Statue of Liberty :D :D