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    • Cake is not for everyone. Cake expects conversations, not outbursts. But let's face it, there is very little to discuss when everyone is in agreement, unless one is asking for advice, which I rarely do, or sharing experiences from a new gadget, which I do sometimes. This is why Facebook and Twitter grew so large.

      Anyway, I am trying the waters — again — with something that people normally do not post on Cake. Maybe I can be a resident farceur? I searched for "Shiri Keningsberg Levi" on Cake and, surprisingly, did not find any entries. So, here it goes. This was written a couple of months ago.


      A passionate rant of an Israeli mom accumulated almost two million views in one week, becoming a viral sensation. What is more sensational about it is the reaction of the viewers.

      Many commenters identify with the message of the video, which comes to “slow down with the remote schooling” and “now my children will find out how stupid their parents are” because, presumably, improper fractions cannot be comprehended by a normal person, and musical notation is something from another planet.

      Comments from teachers are particularly eye-opening:

      I am a teacher and you are my favourite person on the planet. Voice of reason. — heathabee

      I’m a retired music teacher. I wouldn’t know what to do with a score at home.—Carol Ring

      She speaks for me.—Valerie Braimah

      Ok, I get that many parents raise their brows when they see sheet music, but in Israel musical education is included in standard school program, and solfège is not unheard of.

      Improper fractions is middle school stuff at best, and if you don’t know how to use them, you should be ashamed of yourself. And yes, your children will finally find out how stupid you are.

      As for the video itself, it is a vertical video shot in a car, which should give an impression of a spontaneous outburst made by an amateur. But it seems to have been carefully designed for massive response. Ten years ago BuzzFeed would kill for stuff like this. Considering that the woman in the video, Shiri Keningsberg Levi, is a special education teacher, I highly doubt she has problems with inverted fractions and musical notation.

      By proclaiming “I am as dumb as you are,” Ms. Levi brings to limelight all those parents who wasted the time they spent in school, or was it their school that wasted their time?

    • I’ll reply tomorrow to this interesting thread as I will be afk until then. I did, however, want to share that Cake tends to have the fewest visitors on the weekend: we’ve seen a nice increase in weekend engagement over the past six months, however. For that reason, I typically publish no more than one new conversation during an entire weekend. Mondays and Tuesdays are definitely the best days for starting multiple conversations as there’s a huge number of regulars who log in to Cake on those days. For Wednesday to Friday, I typically publish at most one conversation per day. Hope this is helpful: I’d hate for you to get a Medium-level engagement response to your content when publishing on a different frequency might garner more favorable results.

    • Ha!

      @IcyOtter ’s post reminded me of Gerry Brooks, a very popular education vlogger who shoots videos in his car and intentionally talks in a very thick southern drawl. His rants are about education. In actuality, he has taught in the classroom and worked as an intervention specialist. He has been an elementary school principal in Kentucky for 12 years. He’s a popular public speaker.

      This is his latest—a spoof on how teachers love to teach about myths and legends.

    • Generating fake reactions online is a common practice. Even in Malaysia we recently had a bit of an online drama involving a postman who was allegedly crying in the rain when he learned he wouldn't be getting a bonus. People felt sorry for him and ended up giving large amounts of donations, only for it to be revealed later that it was all an elaborate play. The part about him not getting a bonus was real, but the online post was intentionally crafted to gain sympathy from people and to collect donations.

    • This seems like a useful format: you are in a car, you have time to spare while driving to work, why not make a podcast or a video. Here is a Russian dad sharing his parenting wisdom: