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    • Anyone else grab the Apple MacOD Mojave beta? or watch the Ketnote from Monday? Thoughts?

      I installed betas on my iPhone and Macbook.

      Dark mode is huge, pro apps are already dark themed. Light Room, Apple's Logic and Final Cut Pro too. Now I can do late night photo work and not burn out my eyes :)

      As a parent of a 4 and 10 year old the family permission controls look perfect, caleld Screen Time. Being able to adjust and view activities from my device is perfect. I was watching the keynote with my son when this came on and he groaned haha.

      I just need to find 32 friends now to try out Group Facetime one day.

    • I haven't installed the betas anywhere yet, but the new iOS features (especially the Siri stuff) look awesome, and I'm excited about macOS dark mode!

      How has stability been so far? Did you install the iOS beta on your primary phone?

    • Yeah I put it on my primary phone. fingers crossed. Only oddity I encountered was Safari locked up once :)

    • This looks like it could be a pretty solid release. I’m interested to see how well iOS works on older hardware. Our iPads are so durable, the OS updates have really been the only reason we’ve felt the need to update.

    • Apple says you will be happen. It is nice they still update older hardware. Tough part is waiting until fall to update.

    • I have been tempted many times since the beginning of Cake to do a dark mode. I love apps and sites that have that feature for catching up on reading at night. But it all comes down to priorities and engineering resources. For our tiny team it just isn’t possible at the moment to do this. In the future this is something I personally want and will gladly work on if we have more resources and time.

    • i'm waiting for the first public beta of iOS to start diving into the betas. I'd love to start using darkmode on Mojave but not sure i need it that badly.

    • I've played with the beta, and looked into the developer API's. I think if developers embrace Siri Shortcuts, the SiriKit improvements could be one of the biggest hits of iOS 12.

      Apple summarizes:

      Siri can now intelligently pair users' daily routines with your apps to suggest convenient shortcuts right when they're needed. Use the Shortcuts API to help users quickly accomplish tasks related to your app, directly from the lock screen, in Search, or from the Siri watch face. Users can even run shortcuts with their voice and create their own shortcuts with the new Shortcuts app.

      As a developer this is very exciting!

    • i really don't see why devs won't embrace shortcuts. From the look of the APIs they're not difficult to implement.

      i think many major apps will adopt them day one.