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    • I don't know that I love tennis, but I love Rafa Nadal. I followed tennis in the exciting Borg-McEnroe-Connors era because they had a crazy exciting rivalry, but it was Rafa who brought me back to tennis.

      Ironically, he did it by lighting our servers on fire at SmugMug, a photo sharing website I helped start, when he was 17. He won the French Open then and his fans went insane, writing comments on his SmugMug photos, and bringing SmugMug to its knees several years in a row.

      He has won more titles than anyone except Roger Federer, widely considered the best tennis player of all time. And he did it in the era of Roger Federer. How does that work? Roger is the greatest of all time but not the greatest of his era because he has a losing record to Nadal? Anyway, I love them both and once again Nadal overcame his injuries to cruise through the tournament. He's so exciting to watch.

      📷: New York Times

    • Roger has turned the tide against Nadal in recent years. He developed an overhand backhand that neutralized Nada's great advantage, as a lefty, of being able to smash forehands off of Federer's old backhand slice.

      The bottom line is that Nadal wins on clay in his sleep, like Bjorn Bjorg used to win Wimbledon. Being a Fed fan, I sort-of resent it, because the majority of his titles are on that one surface, and it's an outlier surface. A large percentage of ATP players didn't grow up on clay the way Nadal did and and the surface is foreign to them. But hey, anyone can take a shot at him and nobody can beat him, so you have to accept it.

    • Great perspective. I love to watch both of them play and I'm so happy with their success and rivalry. But to me, in my personal opinion, Nadal is just so exciting to watch he keeps bringing me back to tennis.

    • Nadal is so much fun to watch. He wears his heart on his sleeve and gives it his all every night. I understand why it’s hard to consider him the GOAT given the percentage of his Grand Slams that were won at Roland Garros. That said, winning Grand Slams is the name of the game and he only trails Roger. Given his success against Roger, I think Nadal absolutely deserves to be in the GOAT conversation. Especially since he was able to beat Roger at Wimbledon, but Roger wasn’t able to beat him at Roland Garros.

    • I love the grace and touch and creativity of Federer's game over the raw power of Nadal's game. Matter of taste, I guess. Fed tennis is a beautiful thing to watch.

    • I "am" a tennis player. When I moved to Las Vegas in 2007 and got in deep with League Tennis, Sir Roger and Boy Rafa were a part of EVERYDAY discussion on the courts. I am more of a fan of Roger as a man and Rafa still seems like a boy in general terms. But, I thought Novak would NEVER, NEVER break through and gain a #1 world status....Roger had kids and kids and I just thought that the genomes of fatherhood would deplete his A game...and, then with Rafa's injuries I thought he was done as well. I can appreciate for the American tennis game, the up and coming must have diminished dreams and must feel that they must just bide their time until these X-Men retire. On a side a USTA member, I can tell you that the stodgy old guard of the USTA Board literally owned by the rich elite in New York will never raise the game domestically as the organization is a pawn for the power brokers of the city. Ask John McEnroe....he has said it before and he has been soliticed to revive American tennis and he knows the cancer runs too deep.

      Congrats to Rafa......but, I am placing my $1 bet that Sir Roger wins the US Open in Flushing Meadows this year. I saw Roger and Andre play for the finals in 2005 and it was ELECTIFYING!

    • I see that Rafa is uncertain about playing Wimbledon. Hard on his troublesome knees because the bounce is lower. Can't blame him. Fed has won his lone French and skips the clay court season these days. Djoko is a mess, unfortunately. While I'm hoping Fed wins another one, at some point this late-career fairy tale has to come to an end. I wonder how well Rafa will handle the hard court season, they're not knee-friendly either.