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    • This was my first Rolling Stones concert ever: I was invited by a dear friend to join them in attending,and wasn't going to miss out on the chance to see the legendary group in concert!

      The introductory band was Lukas Nelson & The Promise of the Real, who played a soulful blend of rock with heavy Southern and country influences.

      Their final set song, "Find Yourself," had the crowd worked up and HYPED!

      Around 9:30 PM, the lights cut to black, and then all of a sudden - the Rolling Stones there, larger than life, kicking off their setlist with "Jumpin' Jack Flash"!

      The huge Metlife Stadium crowd erupted.

      It was an absolutely incredible show. Every single artist was giving 1000%. You can see the full setlist here.

      In the words of Andrew Sacher of, describing last night's performance:

      I’m too young to have seen the Stones during their heyday, but I’ve seen plenty of videos, and Jagger was as animated, athletic, and flamboyant on Monday night as he was decades ago. He practically defined the art of what it means to be a rock frontman, and he remains one of the best there is. Seeing him live in 2019 didn’t feel like reveling in nostalgia for rock history; it felt like watching a living legend. He and longtime partner in crime Keith Richards epitomized cool during the British Invasion, and both of them remain intimidatingly cool on stage today. Guitarist Ronnie Wood‘s been channelling just about the same level of steez right beside them for almost 45 years now, and he’s still got it too. (Drummer Charlie Watts remains as charmingly stoic as ever.) The only other act that can really say they’ve been operating at this level for this long is Paul McCartney, and though McCartney’s shows are truly spectacular, they don’t rock like the Stones. Mick, Keith & co existed through hard rock, punk, metal, and beyond — all of which they influenced — and they still put on one of the loudest, most badass, most hard-hitting rock shows you can see.

      They faked out early leavers by pretending their set was over after the song "Brown Sugar." Early departers missed "Gimme Shelter" and "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." Vocalist Sasha Allen held her own onstage with Mick Jagger - and that's saying something.

      Absolutely incredible. If you can, don't miss out on the No Filter Tour. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime show!

    • A friend of mine saw them perform last week and said it was the best show she had ever been to in her life (and she is old enough to remember their first tour).