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    • Looks beautiful! I've never been (didn't even know it was there), but I apparently drive past it all the time on my road trips to the Bay Area. Maybe one of these times I'll have to add an extra day or two to a trip and check it out. 😄

    • I've been there once before and it is a nice spot. That being said, I was mostly focused on getting up to Mossbrae and/or Burney Falls. I know Brian Rueb has captured some pretty beautiful photos of the lake, if you're looking to add to your portfolio of unprocessed images 😉

    • I'm keeping Mossbrae and Burney Falls on the maybe list. The goal of the weekend is to get away and relax so I'm not sure driving more to get to those locations will really appeal to me, but they are so close it's going to be hard to pass up.

      When I get a weekend to go camping I typically head east to Yosemite so if nothing else I'm looking forward to exploring a new area. The fact that I booked a campsite in a 2 campsite campground and the second site is as of yet unreserved is just icing on the cake (unintended pun, but I'm going to go ahead and leave it).

      And yes, I'm always looking to add to my portfolio of unprocessed images!

    • I haven’t stayed at that park specifically, but in the area many years ago. It’s beautiful. I think Weaverville is close and we used to go to an ice cream shop called, “The Confectionary”. If it’s still there it’s worth a trip.