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    • When you just need a break from the office, but can't quite hop out on your own adventure, sometimes a good film is the next best thing... I'll share a few of my favorites to get the list started. Please chime in below with your favorite moto travel videos!

      Long Way Round - The one that started it all for me. This now iconic film inspired me to hit the road and ride from New Hampshire to Tierra del Fuego. It's completely different from how almost all of us would travel, but it's still a great piece of film.

      Long Way Down - The sequel to Long Way Round documents the ride from the top of the UK to the bottom of South Africa. Not quite as adventurous as its predecessor, nevertheless, it's still great entertainment.

      Mondo Sahara - A series of "Mondo" films from Austin Vince, I actually planned to list Mondo Enduro which is the tale of his first big around the world ride, but couldn't find a trailer for it online... Austin is packed with energy and his carefree film style is refreshing compared with more dramatic films. Group rides don't get much better than this!

      Ecuador Motorcycling - This is a short documentary I put together in 2018 from my recent ride through Ecuador. We flew in, rented bikes from Freedom Bike Rental and set off on a self-guided tour around the mountains of Ecuador

      The New World Ride - Another documentary I put together in 2012 that chronacles a week long ride through the heart of Colombia as we partnered with Motolombia.

      GlobeRiders - This parternship between infamous traveler and guide Helge Peterson and filmmaker Sterling Noren is one in a series of films that follows riders on cross-country and cross-continental rides. The Eursasian Odyssey got me really excited for the idea of moto travel.

      Beyond The Border - Another film from Sterling Noren that covers his ride south through Baja and then north through Mexico's Copper Canyon. He's a one man show, doing all the riding and filming by himself. At the end of the film, he stumbles into the greatest footrace the world has never seen.

      Riding Solo To The Top Of The World - Forget the fale-drama of many moto travel videos. This excellent documentary was filmed by and stars Gaurav Jani on his ride through the mountains of northern India. It's a beautiful journey and film with excellent story telling that will make you want to pack up a backpack and hit the road.

      Horizons Unlimited - Sue and Grant Johnson travelled the world before the advent of internet and then created the first worldwide community for motorcycle touring. It was their presentation DVD (which is no longer availble) that helped me realize that my dream was possible. They have since revamped their video and added more in the series. The Achieveable Dream is a great place to start if you're looking for moto travel education.

      Motorcycle Mexico - Along the lines of moto travel education. I put together a 5 hour (yes, 5 hour...) DVD set of curated interviews from my fellow travelers about riding in Mexico. It's not a thrilling travel story, but it is a gold mine of information for someone planning their first ride south of the border. It was my goal to have travelers help other travelers. We also have a Facebook group where we share advice and inspiration on riding in Mexico. (shameless plug - it's available for sale on Amazon)

      Ed March - No video list would be complete without mentioning the charismatic Ed March. He created a documentary abour his ride on a 90cc scooter from Malaysia to the UK. And he details his travels in long form hilarious videos that will make you belly laugh. Because no matter how hardcore you are on a 1200GS, you're still not as badass as riding across Canada in the winter on a 90cc scooter!

      Alright, I got the party started. Now it's time to hear from you... Post your favorite motorcycle travel documentaries below. I'm stuck at home working (and taking care of a newborn) and need some inspiration!

    • Oh my God what have you done? I can't resist these things and now I'll be watching for hours instead of sleeping. That's an incredible list and you probably know what's great better than anyone.

      Speaking of no sleep, congrats on your newborn!!

      I loved this one of riding through Peru. Two crazy, not very prepared or properly geared guys having a blast. Fast paced, well filmed:

      This one's insane, a kid who's never ridden on dirt riding to the Darien Gap and back and having mostly misadventures. 1.5 million views on YouTube, some people loved it, some people said wtf?

      Loved this because Vietnam! And a great group:

    • here's something much less polished but no less exciting -

      these are an absolutely batshit crazy bunch of people (Offroad People as they call themselves) doing, well, offroad. For a more organized series look for Mongolian Cosmonauts series in there, which has a corresponding Ride Report on advrider somewhere. Definitely a good laugh, and they do some really good offroad riding in places not a lot of people always do.

    • Oh my God are all Russians CRAZY?!! I showed one of the many clips of bears in a sidecar in Russia and my Russian friends say "just another day in Russia."

      @Ben , what about Lyndon's Races to Places films? I really like him and got a chance to ride with him a couple days in Colorado. This episode got a lot of views but I kinda skipped through because all the wrenching at his level wasn't that interesting to me but his other episodes had me sometimes.

      This episode. Damn:

    • Oh my God are all Russians CRAZY?!! I showed one of the many clips of bears in a sidecar in Russia and my Russian friends say "just another day in Russia."

      Well, look at your Colorado people choking mountain lions during a fitness run :)

    • Wow! You all posted some great ones! I have some documentary-watching homework to do now.

      I too loved the Long Way Round. Gritty and authentic. It features so much terrain that few see, like the Road of Bones. It's truly something else, from the river crossings in eastern Siberia to the "celebrity life" they were forced into in Kazakhstan.

      These aren't necessarily travel documentaries, but my two favorite classics are:

      Dust to Glory - does 1000 miles of off-road racing in one day count as travel? 😉

      On Any Sunday - it celebrates all types of motorcycle sports. Vintage film from the 70's.

    • What an awesome conversation, and how did I miss it for so long?! To try and contribute I'll bring up this special man who I tip my hat off to, as he travelled on his Guzzi some places where I won't dare take the nearly 700 lbs beast of mine, and it seems had the time of his life doing it.

    • I was living in Alaska and relatively new to ADV when the movie RIDING ON TOP OF THE WORLD came out....I reached out to the guy (I forgot his name now...that was in 2006) and asked his permission to do a movie night and sell his movies for him. I got corporate sponsors and rented out the theater at the Anchorage Museum for a showing during the winter. We had a good turnout. After watching it about 10 times, I can no longer watch it. LOL