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    • I felt a need to walk by the ocean yesterday.

      I'm in Massachusetts where the beaches generally remain open but the parking lots are closed in an attempt to enforce social distancing and to avoid the possibility of crowding on the beach.

      My favorite beach, at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, is closed this time of year (it closes April 1st every year for the piping plove nesting season and remains closed until the birds are done with it, usually sometime in August) but it's usually possible to drive into the refuge and walk along the inland side. Unfortunately due to visitor bad behavior the refuge gate is now closed to motor vehicles. The refuge is open to folks who want to walk or bicycle in.

      With the refuge gate closed and all other parking on the island limited to those with resident permits I knew that my walk on the beach would be bookended with a walk to Plum Island.

      The parking lot at the refuge visitor center remains open. From the visitor center to the refuge (and the coast!) it's 2+ miles. It's a good thing that my need for an ocean visit was on a morning that presented good weather for walking; I was happy to walk the road in order to access the beach.

      The beach inside the wildlife refuge is closed for the piping plover nesting season but the beach north of the refuge remains open.

      The entrance and exit to the beach from parking lot 1 in the refuge has been turned into one-way paths. The boardwalk is used to access the beach but the exit point is through the normally closed sand dunes.

    • As I walked down Plum Island Turnpike there were some wet areas off to the north.

      It was about an hour after high tide.

    • gorgeous and glad you got some sea air