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    • I'm in New York for the festival because one of the documentaries is about General Magic, a company I once worked for so I'm in the film. I knew some people would show up looking good, so I paid attention to what the fashion outlets of New York were selling. Does it mean this?

    • There were many more women's fashions on display in the store windows and they were breathtaking in their variety. Normally I wouldn't be so fascinated by them all, but the request to dress "art smart" got me and Toni wondering.

    • Yes. Texture, color and shine, man. You don't have to wear blue jeans. How about some red ones? You don't have to wear a gray or black Tshirt, how about a pink one? You don't have to wear sneakers, how about something like plimsouls?

      IMHO, art is all around us, every day and every moment of our life. We just have to make the choices that allow us to include art in our lives. That can readily extend to our clothes.

      We tend to think of "art" as something that has to be outlandish or unusual, but art is really what's behind how we curate ourselves. It starts with what we bring home from the store for clothes. When you change your selection from "what do most people wear" to "what should my clothing say about me", it's easy to put art into even practical clothing.

    • The Triumph accessories for their modern classics include a few very nice pieces these days. The leather bags are very nice...but not waterproof :)