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    • In the boxes for the test results of the Wrangler, 4Runner, Tacoma, and the F150 I see the box for headlights for the F150, the 4Runner, and the Jeep are all marked Poor - Does this mean they fair poorly in a crash ( not very surprising ) or does it mean they don't light up the road very well?

      I do think that neither my 4Runner nor my F150 offer great lighting with their high beams at night - both have Halogen lighting systems. Compared to the HID lights I had on my BMW 3 series they are very weak candles especially the high beams - which I admit rarely get used these days to the traffic densities on interstate highways - but I am eagerly looking for better highbeams for my F150 and am looking for suggestions from any readers who know of better high beam headlights for the F150 (which is even worse than my 4Runner) .

      Did you happen to notice this in the desert with your rented F150? Or am I just a cranky driver?