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    • I am eagerly looking for better highbeams for my F150 and am looking for suggestions from any readers who know of better high beam headlights for the F150 (which is even worse than my 4Runner) .

      There are aftermarket quality (read --> $$$) bulb replacements including HID and LED versions. I think they are worth it for the safety factor they provide. I have run Phillips LEDs for few years now in my motorcycle and they are much better than the regular halogens, not to mention I haven't had one burn out yet, like the halogens do. I bought mine at Xenondepot. Baja Design is my go to place for auxiliary lights, they do it with real science research.

      Man, this conversation is having me totally lusting for a truck I don't really need right now.. okay maybe just a Ranger?!

    • It looks like the headlights are rated for crash prevention, i.e. lighting the road enough to help the diver avoid obstacles.

      I think it's a really hard problem for automakers to solve because the only cheaper solution is to blind other drivers, but that's against the law. I think the ideal systems is to have fancy lenses with adaptive controls, like turning the lights as the steering wheel turns.

      Did you happen to notice this in the desert with your rented F150? Or am I just a cranky driver?

      I did find the headlights were poor for lighting the unlit desert roads. Though, I found the auto highbeam setting to be responsive and useful on the two-lane highways.

      I think the cheapest solution is to buy high lumen LED non-DOT approved high beam bulbs, like 9000 lumen, and vow never to use them on near other cars. Otherwise, high output fog lights / light bar with good lenses is probably your best bet.