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    • It took me a little bit to get used to the slow pace of movement and getting around as well. Opening and closing drawers seems like it takes forever.

      You can make movement feel a little snappier by reducing the dead zone in the control settings. But yeah, the lag when interacting with things is super annoying. So far I haven't found a way to reduce that.

    • So it was light outside when I started playing and then I see it was dark and my head and belly hurt from staring to intently and not being use to the movement of the screen.

      Very interesting simulation, I found myself trying to be the most pleasant person even when called out by different elements in the game. Then I hit the wrong button and punch a dog! WTF you can punch dogs! I was horrified, then the dog and the owner beat me to death. Judgement on a swift level.

      Second time I avoided hurting the animal and instead tried to be nice to some general dude on a horse who then aimed his gun at me, so that guy ,8 sheriff's/Deputies, 1 horse (crossfire) and a pedestrian are pushing up daisy's while try and adjust/learn to how to not pull R2 and holster my weapon 🤪.

      On the other hand my horse is well groomed, well fed and loves me very much...

      Sorry for muddying the thread when based on pictures. I may need to start a diary....

      Any tips on how to use the camera in game? I don't want to push the wrong button again and shot my subject!

    • Any tips on how to use the camera in game? I don't want to push the wrong button again and shot my subject!


      The left trigger targets people. If your gun is drawn when you target someone, this will be an aggressive action, and the buttons will carry out actions like grabbing, punching, etc. If your gun isn't drawn, then holding the left trigger will focus a person and the buttons will allow you to greet (positive) or antagonize (negative) them.

      So it's pretty important to make sure your gun isn't drawn when you're trying to interact with people or animals. 😄 You can holster your gun by pressing the left shoulder button.

      I'm also trying to be a good guy, so I run around saying howdy to everyone I pass because that makes people like you and gives you honor points. 🤠

    • I was getting all these moral high points then the darn dog incident.

      It is an interesting climb since the predisposition of the character is to be more aggressive and outlaw like.

      I need to earn money to pay off the bounty, or perhaps take a long walk off a short cliff and try again.

      Could also go read up on the game play, but after so much time to get the thing started I wanted to play!!

      The potential is great, wish I could do 2 stories playing both sides, evil bandit and outlaw trying to go straight.

    • I actually liked the slow pace of opening / closing stuff. I feel like I often have to make real choices of whether to stay and loot a place or make a run for it.

      That being said it would be nice if the targeting of said drawers was a little snappier :)

    • managed to get some gold and so paid off my bounty, and can relax a bit and get some good pics. Guess saving them to a thumb drive from the ps4 is the best way to go? Any tips on who to share from the PS4?

    • I have a dedicated twitter account that I post screenshots to directly. It’s a little hacky to have to go there to grab them but works pretty well since uploading screenshots to twitter is pretty easy from PS4

    • Thanks for the reminder of getting killed by a bear in almost that exact spot 🤪

      So may wonderful landscapes. I have to finish my tour of the coastline before I back into the forest and desert.

    • Walking through Saint Denis, I admired the fog filled streets, the small clatter of the trolley car and the buzz of early morning city life. Quite taken by my new suit and hat I walked down the stairs to my horse who is hitched out by the street. A young lady walking by, I go to greet her all prim and proper as a gentile but hit the wrong button. I choke and throw her down the stairs in what was my attempt to say hello.

      The smell of fog and city life fleeing from my nose as I ride at full gallop to get out of town to avoid the police and crowd chasing me.

      Off to the country, pay my bounty and eat a fresh fish meal by a river....alone. I cannot be trusted in public.

      I changed clothes....