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    • I actually liked the slow pace of opening / closing stuff. I feel like I often have to make real choices of whether to stay and loot a place or make a run for it.

      That being said it would be nice if the targeting of said drawers was a little snappier :)

    • managed to get some gold and so paid off my bounty, and can relax a bit and get some good pics. Guess saving them to a thumb drive from the ps4 is the best way to go? Any tips on who to share from the PS4?

    • I have a dedicated twitter account that I post screenshots to directly. It’s a little hacky to have to go there to grab them but works pretty well since uploading screenshots to twitter is pretty easy from PS4

    • Thanks for the reminder of getting killed by a bear in almost that exact spot 🤪

      So may wonderful landscapes. I have to finish my tour of the coastline before I back into the forest and desert.

    • Walking through Saint Denis, I admired the fog filled streets, the small clatter of the trolley car and the buzz of early morning city life. Quite taken by my new suit and hat I walked down the stairs to my horse who is hitched out by the street. A young lady walking by, I go to greet her all prim and proper as a gentile but hit the wrong button. I choke and throw her down the stairs in what was my attempt to say hello.

      The smell of fog and city life fleeing from my nose as I ride at full gallop to get out of town to avoid the police and crowd chasing me.

      Off to the country, pay my bounty and eat a fresh fish meal by a river....alone. I cannot be trusted in public.

      I changed clothes....


    • it takes a bunch of time, it is unlike many games I have played in the past. You could do hardly any of the actual story and just roam around and make money and just explore.

      The story opens up more areas and expands the guns or options on horses etc, but much like GTA you could just do your thing without any progress at all and still have a bunch of fun.

      The picture stuff is fun, the cut scenes are the same graphic quality as the game play so it never feels out of place.

      My son plays and is a down right evil wee bugger, shooting and robbing everyone he can. I go for days out in the wilderness just looking for cool spots to camp and hunt.

      Plus I don't do well when I go into town. 🤪

    • I've finished the main story line and many of the side missions, so now I'm mostly wandering the countryside exploring, hunting, and living off the land. Still having fun and still discovering new things!

    • **spoiler** have you found the gold hidden in the burned building?

      I am guilty of an exploit, My son walked in and said don't grab that yet! short story I have 30 gold bars at any one time that I want. I have not googled any tricks yet as I sort of want to discover stuff myself. Just found 2 crime scenes and looking to find the remaining 2.

    • While I can't exactly say I made all my money legitimately, I can at least say I haven't used any exploits. 😉

      If you do the story missions, you'll make enough money pretty quickly that you don't really need to worry about it unless you want to buy tons of expensive stuff.

    • probably true, it does feel a little off riding around with 60k in my satchel.

      That is a lot of deluxe baths!🛁

      Need to open saint denis so I can get the arabian horse. I do need to figure out how to get perfect pelts, I can get good grade with the bow and varmint rifle but nothing in perfect condition.