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    • While I can't exactly say I made all my money legitimately, I can at least say I haven't used any exploits. 😉

      If you do the story missions, you'll make enough money pretty quickly that you don't really need to worry about it unless you want to buy tons of expensive stuff.

    • probably true, it does feel a little off riding around with 60k in my satchel.

      That is a lot of deluxe baths!🛁

      Need to open saint denis so I can get the arabian horse. I do need to figure out how to get perfect pelts, I can get good grade with the bow and varmint rifle but nothing in perfect condition.

    • I do need to figure out how to get perfect pelts, I can get good grade with the bow and varmint rifle but nothing in perfect condition.

      You need to use different weapons for different animals to get perfect pelts, and usually you also need to get a head shot. The descriptions for each animal in the compendium (also shown when you press RB with an animal focused) should tell you what weapon is best for that animal.

    • plays a bunch then my son, opened his account and waste a large bit of progress :(.

      So I went out and got the rare white Arabian horse.

      Second time trying to get the pc to stay “uploaded” from iPad.

    • I haven’t made a ton of progress in the game yet. I’m only about 30% through the story. Turns out there are a lot of distractions! I’ve found that I’m not very good in gunfights, and it feels like it takes 20 shots to kill an enemy. I die often when I try to do anything too crazy. Does that get easier as the game does on?

      I’ve found some of the “maintenance” to be a little annoying. Sometimes it seems interesting and cool but other times it feels cumbersome. I’m not clear yet on how many chores I’m supposed to do daily or how much to contribute to the camp, or what the effect of those contributions will be. Perhaps I’ll found out. Perhaps that’s just a part of the realism that I need to navigate.

      But I’m loving that this game seems designed to make you want to wander, which I’ve pretty much been doing mostly. I love landscapes and this game delivers on that front 110%.

      Here I am stuck in a midday storm. (Trying a new thing where I apply Instagram filters to my in game screenshots. They seem a little dulled straight from the game so figured they could use a little punch 😎)

    • I am the opposite, I like the maintenance side 😳. My son yells from the other room, "NO DELUXE BATHS DAD!!" lol!

      My horses all get leveled up quickly as I pat and treat them as often as I can. If you don't donate or wash one of the camp folks comes by to remind you. I normally give them items instead of money as I don't enjoy hunting around for the best price on my loot.

      I also used an exploit early on in story mode to get more cash as I knew I wont get much time to play contiguously and this game demands long sessions it seems. Matches my play mode, my son started way after me and is 50% done, I am about 30% but I have a considerable amount of the map opened up.

      Gun fights! I am ok to good at these. I only base that on my son who is a serious rainbow 6 player and I do better then him most of the time. Different style, slower and more strategical I guess.

      With more experience points the dead eye gets longer, I draw the bead on the attacker then use short bursts of dead eye to get head shots as much as possible, body shots can take several to put down an enemy. I also go into first person view for straight on gun battles, more zoomed screen view makes for easier targeting. Also let your team mates in the gang take a few kills for you. Plus when you start putting more level ups on your weapons at the gun smith that helps a bunch too.

      My latest thing is fishing!

      It gives you heart points and karma if you throw all the fish back. but i have to unlock more lures to get better fish.

      After a long few days of looting and shooting, a 20minute fishing trip will slowly level you back from evil. 😇

      The exploring is a lot of fun, I rowed a boat out to an island and found a pirate hat, now everyone yells at me and if the circus is in town! Then they compliment my horse saying it looks better then their wife! LOL!

    • I’ve found that I’m not very good in gunfights, and it feels like it takes 20 shots to kill an enemy. I die often when I try to do anything too crazy. Does that get easier as the game does on?

      The revolver and ammo you start the game with are pretty weak. Definitely head to a gunsmith and get yourself a pair of volcanic pistols or Schofield revolvers (I think the latter might not unlock until later in the game though), and be sure to use express ammo instead of regular ammo for better damage.

      Also, headshots will be more effective than body shots. What I usually do is press the aim trigger and then as soon as it locks on, I give the left stick a slight flick up to bring my sights up to head level instead of body level before I fire. And of course, use deadeye as much as you can, and stock up on chewing tobacco and whatnot so you can fill up your deadeye meter when it runs out.

      And for non-close-quarters combat, a pump or repeating shotgun with slugs will one-shot pretty much anyone no matter where you hit them, at the expense of a slower firing rate.

    • So I go into this small house, this old lady is sitting in a chair and yup you guessed it, instead of hitting interact, I shoot her with my sawn off shot gun! It sent her across the room. So wrong but also so funny in the GTA sense of things.

      Only up side was their was a semi auto shotgun down in the basement.

      I need to work on my controller skills.

    • I visited that lady as part of a mission. She's mean and crotchety.

      The mission requires you to go into the basement, and I saw the shotgun but didn't take it because I was playing an honorable character, and that would be stealing. When I went back upstairs she started yelling at me for stealing her shotgun. Sure enough, the shotgun was suddenly hanging from my back. 😳

      I was pretty mad about that. The game basically forced me to be a jerk.

    • and other places. The big fish you have to carry as a storable load on the horse, so now I am thinking of a pack horse to bring on trips so I can get large pelts and fish.

    • oh and I wish I got to capture the scene of me getting robbed, I shoot the guy, he falls and starts to get up and a huge bear runs and grabs him and eats him within 30 feet of me!

      This game is shocking and wonderful.

    • It’s been a while but I’m back in the saddle, so to speak. I took a break from this game because it’s so big and I just didn’t have the time to put in the work, but finding it very rewarding again as I’ve been revisiting it recently. Still only 70% through the game. Here’s a moody black and white from one of the side missions.