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    • Hi, welcome to Cake.

      I ended up here when I was writing something (that I never actually finished) about alternative social networks to Facebook and Twitter.

      Most of the sites that I looked at I found that a few minutes was enough, sometimes more than enough. They were either visually horribly, functioned badly, or were just populated with people who seemed like they had probably ended up there only being banned from more 'mainstream' social media.

      But Cake seemed a bit different somehow, and I'm still here, the site is a joy to look at and use, and the discussions are a lot more interesting than you find in many other places.

      I'm on Facebook but I only use it for messenger, to remember when people have birthdays, and to post work related things, I just find it a bit draining and so never actually go there anymore. I think I still have a twitter account, we definitely have a company one but probably tweet about once a year.

      How did you get here?

    • Hi John thank you for welcoming me to the platform. I myself have always used whatever social media platform was popular at the time, but i never really felt there was a point to using the platform with Twitter and Facebook aside from that's what everyone else used, and it just became too big and over active. One thing I like about Cake is that it's interest based, and it kind of reminds me of Google+, which was a platform that worked in a similar way but didn't really take off. So, I guess you can say what brought me too Cake was just to try something different.