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    • Last week's entry by @Awais of a boy with a bicycle crossing a railroad was the highlight of the Black and White Photography Challenge. It wasn't just the photo, but a life lesson behind it that made it memorable:

      To keep us motivated for school, My father used to tell his life story of early days how he used to walk to his school along a railway track, and how his persistence led him to Colorado for his PhD. One day when i was visiting his birth place i decided to walk through same route with my camera.

      - Awais

      Thank you, everyone, for sharing their images with us, and I hope to see even more this week!

    • Digging through my travel archives, I found this photo of a statue on the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux, Switzerland. I love the contrast between a dark silhouette and a light surface of the lake. I took it during sunset as we strolled the beautiful waterfront path in Montreux.

      Camera: Sony A7s

      Lens: FE 35 f1.4

      Settings: f1.4, 1/1250, ISO 100

    • this is a shot taken in 1904. Obviously not taken by me but of my family. I came across a few years back and scanned it

      this my great, great, great grandfather holding my grandmother when she was 3 months old