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    • The reason I picked the first presentation was because I felt like it gave me a great way to get some irritating issues that had been bothering me off my chest. When I started, I thought the assignment would be difficult. However, as I began coming up with ideas for this presentation I had a hard time narrowing it down to ten things! It was good, not only to realize that these things bothered me, but to come up with creative ways to help myself get better at dealing with them!

      The second I chose mostly because I thought it was the most attractive presentation I have accomplished so far. I also love the story of the Hobbit and was surprised to see how well the story followed the Hero's Journey. I put a lot of work into this presentation and probably spent too much time trying to get the slide backdrops just right! It was a fun project to work on and I hope you enjoy it!

    • Hi Grace, I enjoyed your presentation on what gets your goat. I really liked how the backgrounds of each slide matched the theme of that slide; for example the page about small tips had coins in the background, that was a fun addition I enjoyed. It took me a while to know what type of business you were in and until I figured it out, it was hard to connect to the first few slides.

    • I enjoyed looking over your presentation! For some reason i could just tell the picky pinterest people are right at the top of your list. Also, i'm a server and the people who don't tip drive me wild!!

      I would suggest changing the charlie brown picture around so the words are cut off by the picture. Its not a big deal, just a minor change. The different colors and themes you used for each slide were great too.