If you are using the Special Trial version of Scrivener which expires this coming Saturday, you may feel that your time is very short. But if this is your first time using Scrivener, there is no reason to be stressed or alarmed because you have a lot more time available after December 7.

On December 7 or soon afterwards, you may download the regular Scrivener trial edition. This regular trial version of Scrivener can access the project or projects which you have started since October.

With most trial versions of software, the day that you open the trial for the first time starts a countdown clock. That isn't what happens with Scrivener's trial version. Scrivener's trial allows you 30 NON-consecutive days. That means that if you use Scrivener's trial on a specific day, you now have 29 more opportunities to use Scrivener at your convenience. So you could use Scrivener once a week for almost seven months or any other pick and choose system that you choose.

It is in your best interest to only use the regular trial on a day when you can use Scrivener for extended periods of time during that day. If you use Scrivener for only 5 minutes one day, you have used up one of your days.

Here is the page for accessing the regular trial version: