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    • Not that I’m aware of but it doesn’t mean they do not exist! This land sits on what was formerly the Seneca nation, I bet they ventured down into the canyon often.

    • You and @JeffersonGrahamPhoto are killing me. I'm a night owl and this morning guys like you had me up at sunrise, traipsing into the neighbor's yards in my pajamas and bare feet, half awake, to get flower shots for one of the many flower threads.

      Your shot is beautiful, btw. 👏

    • Love it! The water beads give the photo a nice texture - I feel like I can practically reach out and touch it. As for being a morning person, I haven’t always been this way, I blame this little hitchhiker for making me wake up early now. I think I’m starting to like being a morning person though 😂

    • I've been to Letchworth State Park ("The Grand Canyon of the East"). My wife and I attended a flint-knapping festival. Not on purpose - they just happened to be there at the time, along with their cronies in the snake-skin wallet-making business. Saw some mighty fine knapped flints, though - as good as I've seen anywhere.

      This is a dawn shot from Chicago. Sunrises are usually way easier for me than sunsets. At sunset I'm usually preoccupied with driving or cooking or dining or something else, but I get dawn to myself.

    • I agree with @kwphot0 that you’ve created an image that almost feels 3D. In order to help inspire you to join @JeffersonGrahamPhoto ’s early bird club, I found an article on converting night owls that you may find helpful. 🙃

      Have a two-alarm setup.

      The first one is to wake you up, the second one is your cue to get out of bed. The first one should be within arm’s reach and the second one should be away from your bed.

      That way, you can give your body some time to gently awaken and you can spend some quiet time in bed doing something you love, like reading your favorite novel, writing in your journal, or doing affirmations.

      When the second alarm goes off your time is up and you have to get out of bed. A 10 or 15-minute period before the first and the second alarm works well. By that time your body will feel much better and you would have gotten some inspiration by doing your favorite thing in the morning.

    • You’re a dad!!? 👏 That changes everything, including your photography. Great photo. btw. Lucky is the child who had a photographer as parent, I think it’s the greatest hobby you can have.

    • Yes it certainly does change everything! I’m fortunate enough to be able to make a living at photography as well, counting my blessings 🙏