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    • Just a quick first post to say hi to the Cake community. I'm a professional commercial and editorial photographer working out of Brighton in the UK. I shoot a whole load of stuff (some stills examples below) for different brands and individuals around the world. I've just moved my entire pro kit over to mirror-less cameras from Sony & Fujifilm, and am having a blast with them. I love chatting photography, video-making etc etc.
      Say hi back - would love to hear from you.

    • Hi James! I was just looking through your portfolio this morning, loving it, and thinking that clearly you're at a level I'm still dreaming of. I hope you don't mind me posting a screen grab of one of your shots that made me wonder how did he do that? It's beautiful.

    • Cool....yea, I started shooting in 2000 with a Nikon D1, the D2H scared me to Canon and I have been shooting Sony for the past 4 years and loving less weight and smaller footprint. Cake is cool and hope you enjoy the discussions around here. Cake is a refreshing alternative to self-regulated non-trolling....

    • hi Chris

      Thanks for the welcome.

      This is an image from a recent commissioned exhibition here in Brighton. It’s of dancer Marta Scott. So, I photographed her in a studio with a single spot flash with a full length soft box on AND some coloured LED light-strings. Marta is wearing the LEDs and I shot on a very slow shutter speed while she moved, danced etc. So, with a bit of trial and error, you get the lovely blurred light trails. The flash of light in the corner is a slight cheat in that I added it after as a composite!

    • hi there

      Thanks for the welcome.

      I traded in all my Canon gear for a Sony A9 just a few weeks back and my arms and back are thanking me so much. Makes life so much easier.