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    • Ivar, so nice to see you here! Ivar is both an commercial airline pilot and an awesome photographer. Post that awesome cockpit shot you showed me the other day!

    • Yeah, not the best handled non-normal situation 😐 There was another one, I think it was a flight towards one of the NY airports, where the crew entered the holding to solve a minor problem they had, something that didn't prevent them from making a safe landing. They were all so busy with it that they ran out of fuel. 😳

    • it’s an interesting phenomenon for sure and one that happens in different industries and for similar reasons.

    • The members of this Southwest crew have said that they were "just doing their jobs," as did the 'miracle on the Hudson' crew a few years back. They're labled "Heros" by the media, but they really are just Professionals, consummate professionals to be sure, doing a job they respect (and love!) to the best of their ability, day after day. Sadly, that has become exceptional in our world.

      This one, tradgic fatality will inevitabily lead to safer skies as incipient failures are found and fixed. And it illustrates just how safe airline flying has become. Can you think of any other industry that comes close? Medical errors result in around 250,000 deaths each year; that's 4,800 per week! Imagine the outrage if 4,800 lives were to be lost in aircraft crashes next week! Every airline in the world would be grounded until things were sorted out. Yet hospitals and physicians offices remain open, and profitable.

      Commercial aviation's remarkable safety record is a tribute to "the goodness of people" as you point out, Chris. Scientists develop materials, engineers design systems and machines built and maintained by technicians and operated by flight crews supported by air traffic controllers, meteroligists, dispatchers, baggager handlers--and more. O sure, there are a few bad apples here and there, but the overwhelming majority of aviation professionals are truly Good People who are proud to do good work. In the face of relentless pressure to cut costs and boost profits every day.

      Would that there were such integrity in politics and government . . .