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    • ITAP stands for "I Took A Picture" and the topic is exactly that! Inspired by the subreddit.

      Because Chris was the longtime CEO of a photo services company, as were the founding engineers, I'm guessing a lot of Cake's initial users are going to be photographers!

      ITAP is a place to put more casual photos that might not fit anywhere else, but we like 'em and wanna show them off anyway.

      Here's the ground rules:
      - It must be a picture you took
      - It must be a single picture
      - Better than a snapshot, but doesn't have to be a magnum opus
      - Remember this topic is for casual fun and showing off a bit!
      - Be willing to have a conversation about the picture

      Alright, Cake! (Cakers? Party people?) Let's see what you've got!

      (Photo taken on my Mavic Pro, while Dallas was shooting cosplayer Vivid Vision in Waikiki)

    • Great idea!

      I'm enjoying your drone shots. Sooner or later I'm gonna break down and buy that drone I've always wanted. Would you recommend the Mavic Pro for casual landscape photography?

    • Salt flats at Alviso Marina during sunset. This is such a rare view for me that I've only seen them once over the last 3 years of coming there. Definitely recommend stopping by and seeing them for yourself if you are near San Jose, California.

    • Sort of. The Mavic Pro's camera is really finicky, and it'll blow highlights really easily, but it's an extremely capable camera considering that you're able to just throw it in a backpack and hike it anywhere easily. The Phantom 4 Pro (or whatever they are up to) is a better camera, but you have to plan to take it somewhere--there is nothing casual about it, but the files you get out of it are way more robust. So it's a bit of "pick your poison." If you don't mind going even lower quality, there is also the Mavic Spark which is super tiny and has surprisingly good quality, maybe comparable to modern cell phones. I do find the drone pretty fun, though, and I think the tradeoff in quality vs size is completely worth it, since I can use it more often!

    • I am by no means a photographer, but I do have an iPhone! Those devices seem to take pretty good pics these days, so I'm going to participate!

      This shot is from the 2nd annual Cake trip, where we met up at Lake Tahoe!

    • I can't believe you captured that in the heart of the Bay Area. Seems like I only see photos like that in places like Death Valley.

    • I recently watched the first episode of this documentary on Netflix about wildfires. It had a bit about a photographer who chases wildfires and gets some of the amazing timelapse shots that were featured throughout the episode. Not sure if he gets special permission or what, but it looked like fun!

    • My first iPhone 8+ portrait mode photo. I upgraded from a 5s to the 8 the day it was released skipped the 6 & 7 all together (I like to wear stuff out🤨)

    You've been invited!