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    • I like Cake. Like most smaller platforms, the conversations here are earnest, friendly, and thoughtful. I genuinely enjoy participating. But, until getting the notifications via email that there were new comments in some of my older threads, I hadn't realized that I hadn't browsed the topic list in over a month.


      Reddit and Facebook have both become habits; Facebook's insistent and continuous notification stream demands attention, and Reddit's robust collection of daily content makes it my go to for news and discussion. I wonder what it will take for Cake to seat itself in my brain the same way, and is the lack of it having done so at this point indicative that I don't have enough mental bandwidth to support participating in another forum?

    • I was wondering where you went! Good to see you here again. 🙂

      It's really hard to become part of someone's routine. I think it'll take a combination of having a steady flow of great content (so that you see something interesting every time you visit Cake) and also letting people know when other people are interacting with their conversations (like those reply notification emails you mentioned), but without being too annoying.

      Question for you: do you think you'd have come back sooner if you were getting push notifications on your phone rather than emails?

    • I do. In fact, I don't have the Facebook app on my phone (too many issues with that thing), but for many of my other common platforms, that's a way to keep me engaged.

      Also, you know, swag. I wear a 2XL. :D

    • I also think it's a matter of population. When I come to have a conversation, I'm ready to, well, converse. And when there's not enough general conversation going on to prompt responses quickly, that leaves me sitting around hitting F5 asking "Is this thing on?"

      That aspect will be solved by population growth. But it's definitely a factor at play right now in how connected I stay.

    • I also think it's a matter of population.

      Yes, I think critical mass is the biggest factor. People seem to choose their networks based on what they like — some like Instagram, some Twitter, some Reddit — and few have the time for all three. They each have enough population to be engaging tho.

      As you know from being early at Reddit, it took a lot to get it off the ground. Dunno if you saw the recent book about birthing it. It's pretty fascinating. I've spoken to a half-dozen of the key early players who are profiled in the book and what a ride! Maybe as much drama as Twitter's and Facebook's early days.

    • Although I'm a veteran of the Reddit wars, I didn't get active there until Digg screwed the pooch with 2.0 in 2005, and didn't create my current account until 2008. I do recall reading how many of the early posts were just sock puppet accounts talking back and forth.

    • Certainly every new thing that takes up our time has to be traded with something that we did do before. I think Cake has more function or appeal as an occasional place to join a conversation than many other platforms that almost require a continual presence. It's nice to focus in on specific contect here (though much has yet to be created), rather than a barrage of disparate things. I guess Reddit is more focused than most.

    • Right now, the number one issue for me is lack of good mobile support. I'm on Android and mobile Chrome support is, well, lacking. And there's no app. So basically, if I sit down at the computer in the evening, or catch a couple of minutes at work I pop in. And that doesn't necessarily happen every day.

      If Cake was as icon on my home screen, that would be much much easier.

    • You can actually add Cake as a webapp. This is how I'm using it right now.

      Basically, open Chrome and go to Cake. Press the overflow menu and select "Add to home screen". What you will get is an icon that when selected will open Cake very similarly to a native app.

    • I'm really sorry about the bad editor experience on Android. We do want to improve things, but unfortunately Chrome on Android isn't making it easy. 🙁

    • I would say that there aren’t any other viable forums out there that interest me right now. Maybe Cake will usher in a flurry of new forum competitors and I end up leaving Cake to hang out elsewhere. But the forum options at the current moment are shit:

      blog commenting is dead

      Linked In announced new changes in September to revitalize groups, but they killed the group energy three years ago with massive changes that scared away a lot of people.

      Reddit feels old and mainly used by niche users who’ve been on there forever.

      WeMe is supposedly promising but its freedom of speech no matter what feels like a breeding ground for trolls

      Twitter has Twitter chats which are grade school Q1, A1 everybody tweets their answer to the same series of questions. Conversations on Twitter are such a small part of the content firehose that you can often miss them when scrolling through your home timeline.

      Mastodon is mainly one on one conversations for me so not a forum option.

      Facebook. I despise Facebook.

    • Thank you. I went to sleep thinking about this because it was the last conversation I read in bed before turning out the lights. As so often happens, the last thing I read goes into my dreams. My dreams are so vivid, a few months later I often end up asking someone "did I dream this or..."

      Anyway, on Thursday Jeff Bezos joined us for coffee and he had read apm's post. It didn't feel like a dream when I was dreaming it. He said the most important thing in launching something new is planetary alignment, and he didn't have it when he failed with phones, the A9 search engine, and with auctions. In those cases, there was a beloved incumbent and getting people to switch was too hard. He thought our timing was perfect because there isn't the love of the incumbents. I was a nice dream. 🙂

      He commented that it's only day 1 with Cake. There are many things customers want that we don't have yet like mobile apps, so keep refining.

    • Thank you. I went to sleep thinking about this because it was the last conversation I read in bed before turning out the lights.

      Anyway, on Thursday Jeff Bezos joined us for coffee and he had read apm's post.

      You know, that’s really weird @Chris . Because in my dreams, Jeff Bezos always reads my posts during his lunch.

      A month ago, we did a Cake panel that included Dan Finkel, a maths games inventor.

      I had a chance during the panel to ask Dan a little bit about his Kickstarter campaigns and I found his response and lessons learned really interesting. Any chance @Victoria could do a Cake panel on inventors with successful campaigns on funding sites. And unsuccessful campaigners like this?

      I’d love to have more makers on Cake starting conversations, for a number of reasons. And I think a Cake panel of makers sharing their experiences and tips on launching campaigns would have wide appeal.

      (Yes, I’ve snuck a Cake Panel request into this thread.)