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    • Thanks for posting this; a friend shared it.

      I juggle recreationally and when I went to the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference (1990? 1991?) they had local jugglers and you could pass clubs or learn how to juggle. I visited the Santa Cruz Juggling Club (I used to travel and would visit the local Juggling Clubs in each city; there is a registered list that I think started through the IJA, the International Juggler's Association) and I knew some of the Palo Alto Jugglers who were at the WWDC.

      Trivia: If you've ever seen the movie "Jewel of the Nile" you've seen the Flying Karamazov Brothers. They play sufis and are the ones passing scimitars in one of the scenes.

      Here are some lists of juggling clubs in various cities; they may not be current.

      I used to run the Denver club (no longer around) which at one time we called "The Colorado Throwing Up Society" but had been renamed to the "Juggler's with Altitude." Our mottos were "Hurl 'till you hurl," "Juggle 'till you puke," and "Come throw up with us."