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    • That's awesome Chris. You should go to Juggling Club sometime. I have so many great memories of juggling with friends and my kids going to a few local festivals. Not just juggling, they learned the Diabolo and my youngest learned top spinning. If you haven't learned to pass clubs, that's a blast too. Thanks for writing this article. BTW: Bruce Tiemann's brother is in tech (was CEO of Red Hat, and I saw him in Omaha in the 90's talking about C++) has a PhD in Physics but also juggles and either created or extended a juggling mathematical notation. I think it's called "Site Swap"

      Here's a picture when my oldest son started college at Nebraska. We went to juggling club and passed clubs in a "Box" pattern where each pair is throwing a staggered "every others" or "4 count" pattern to avoid collisions. I'm in the back on the left, my kids are to my right and left.