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    • Ha! I just meant that I'm sorry for the tragedy in Indonesia. I used to fly into Jakarta, btw, and those runways were so rough at the time I didn't know how the planes held together.

    • I've read that Indonesian airlines tend to have poor safety records. This looks like it could've been caused by some negligence on the airlines engineering crew who checked the plane prior to take off. The pilot supposedly requested to turn back immediately after take off. Sadly he didn't make it in time.

    • Speaking of poor safety records, I was reading a fascinating article about what we may achieve with self-driving cars and safety. The article cites some incredible stats:

      Globally, it’s estimated that as many as 50 million people are injured annually in traffic accidents; another 1.3 million die. That’s the equivalent of seven fully-loaded 747s going down every single day, Barber notes. “We would obviously never accept this outcome when it comes to air transportation,” he says, “and we shouldn’t have to accept it with respect to ground transportation either.”

      They claim 94% of those accidents are from driver error.