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    • New Cake topic: Jabberwocky. For stories whose unbelievability and irrationality make one think of Lewis Carroll stories.

      I thought when I first saw the headline that it might have come from The Onion or Babylon Bee. In America, we have an unreliable periodical called "The National Enquirer." If any of you who are from the UK are familiar with Metro News, are its articles real?

    • I saw that earlier. If you read the whole article it's pretty clear that this guy has been a troll for a long time. Mostly harmless, I think.

    • Richard,

      If it were just this one thing, I would consider it harmless. Near the end of the nineteenth century, there was a rise in irrationality.

      "Passione" was considered to be more important than "razionalità". Fervency and Ardor became the values of the day. Then came a time period in which Sergeant Friday and First Officer Spock were representative of an elevation of objectivity and disinterestedness.

      Then came postmodernism and now we seem to be back to a world in which subjectivity and the illogical is valued more than objectivity.

    • I'm not sure you can lay the blame on postmodernism, which arose as a method of literary criticism not a philosophy as such. But I certainly agree with you that in the public sphere, objectivity is endangered. I think that this guy is doing his act for his own amusement and little harm can come of it. It's another matter altogether when the White House Press Secretary circulates a doctored video from Infowars. Even worse, by the time you read this post, that incident will likely have faded into the past as new bullshit takes its place. Nothing good can come of all that.

    • You are completely right that postmodernism began in the artistic world but it has gone far beyond its original milieu.

      It can be seen in the TV show Star Trek:The Next Generation. It became a major force in theology about thirty years ago. That religious movement has rippled its way through many branches of religion.

      It can be seen in journalism in a change from factual reporting to asking people how an event was "experienced" by those involved and how their emotions were impacted by the experience.

      Postmodernism is no longer an ivory tower paradigm, it is now a sea change.

    • Emile Albert Rudolf Ratelband (born 11 March 1949) is a Dutch politician, television personality and "positivity guru".

      The guy is a troll. And the description should say Wannabe politician - He's had no success in that realm.

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