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    • On g+ I used to follow this collection named photry

      And thought I would start something similar here.
      So the idea is someone posts a photo they think might inspire a poem, and then sits back and waits for what ever may come back.
      Or if a photo esle were on cake inspires a poem from you post them both.
      Or any other combination of photo and poem you can think of.
      Doesn't need to be fancy, deep, or Pulitzer prize worthy, just real😀.

      So to get things started hers a bird on a fence!

    • The Robin

      Witter Bynner, 1881 - 1968

      Except within poetic pale
         I have not found a nightingale,
      Nor hearkened in a dusky vale
         To song and silence blending;
      No stock-dove have I ever heard,
      Nor listened to a cuckoo-bird,
         Nor seen a lark ascending.
      But I have felt a pulse-beat start
         Because a robin, spending
      The utmost of his simple art
      Some of his pleasure to impart
         While twilight came descending,
      Has found an answer in my heart,
         A sudden comprehending.