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    • I've lost count of how many motorcycles I've had, 200+ at a guess, but only over maybe the last decade or so actually used a tank bag.

      I bought my first one and all subsequent ones after were by manufacturers who make version generically for 'any bike, Wolfman, Giant Loop etc.

      Somewhere I had made a comment that I wasn't too happy with the fit/ volume of the current Wolfman tank bag I had on my Super Tenere, and I got a message asking if i'd like to trade for a brand new Yamaha made tank bag, specifically for my Super Tenere. I figured why not, as I would be looking to buy an alternate so it would be worth a try.

      Around the start of this year the box arrive and as described the tank bag was brag new, no signs of use and inside a $20 bill, and a thanks. The owner had sold his S10 and never used it but felt my Wolfman was a higher value.

      The fit is perfect as expected, a clip at the front that fits perfectly on the front of the tank so no loop around the neck is required and a clip that comes from under the seat area hold it in place and magnets in the base hold it exactly where you put it.

    • As expected the tank bag had all the required features that would be expected, a decent sized map pocket

    • It even expands to add even more junk you really don't need, but i can say like this a 12 pack will fit with room to spare

    • Even included is a glasses case that fits to the clips perfectly positioned on the outside of the bag, and the curvature makes it fits perfectly inside too

    • Even a perfectly fitting waterproof cover, with a clear top so a map can be read if your reading one in the rain!

    • The underside shows the magnet in the middle, the clip at the front that fits perfectly over the front lip of the tank to hold it in place

    • it holds down at the rear with a simple single clip, that is secured with a loop that goes around the frame.

      So all great right?


      They kind of missed the mark, and wondering if other brand specific bags are also not doing what is expected of them.

      The reason it's not a 5 star review, it's a perfect, does everything you want out of a bigger tank bag...but Yamaha didn't make it for what how they intended the bike to be ridden.

    • The big Super Tenere is an Adventure Bike, made to take on adventures, and not always paved adventures

      Try as you might, just one strap/ clip to secure it just isn't enough, tighten is as much as you like and it will loosen a little, depending on what's inside.

      Venture off the paved road to a dirt road and a little more vibration and dirt and rocks and dust and it moves around.

      Dirt and grit in the air obviously get under the bag, movement create a scouring effect and as you can see a way to wear and scratch the tank.

      I'm not overly concerned, the bike has around 90,000 miles on it so not a garage queen but it does make you wonder if the designers know how we riders ride, where we ride and what conditions we ride in.

      Is this the same with other Major brand specific tank bags, or did Yamaha just simply not do the required research before releasing and selling this?

    • I bought a V-Strom 650 a few years ago that came with a tank bag that mounted to a ring bolted onto the gas cap frame.

      I didn't have the bike long as it didn't fit me so I didn't exercise it in any rough conditions and can't remember the brand but it was like this Givi Tanklock system, which is available for the Super Ten.

      The tank bag is fully supported by the mount and on my 650 Strom sat 5mm or so above the tank, not touching it anywhere. The tank bag was also fairly easy to remove for fill ups.

    • I have used many tank bags in the past, RKA, and also Yamaha factory tank bag. But for the last decade I gave up, for my own reasons of preference using them in favor of this handlebar bag. I absolutely love it and would never again get a tank bag. It's 100% waterproof too.

    • I like the idea of this kind of bag, sadly doesn't work for me for a few reasons, I have busy bars on most bikes, the S10 the GPS is right there,on others I normally have a steering damper.

      A compromise between the two I found a few years back was Giant Loops Buckin' Roll tank panniers. Similar size to what you show, but sadly they discontinued the original design, which i thought was the best.

      The main downfall for these types of bags to me is there is only enough room for P&S, not an SLR

    • I have never used a model specific bag. I recently realized most of my fitment issues was that I was using too large of a bag. My current RKA is low profile and holds a guidbook, map, glasses case, spare phone cable, etc. It's expandable to roughly double it's height which makes it about perfect for me. The Buell Uly can be finicky to find the right bag fitment on account of the airbox cover masquerading as the fuel tank and the frame design.