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    • I was just reading an article about success and career success and I got to wondering - what is success. Can we even come up with a universal definition? Is it all relative? Is it about life satisfaction? At various points in my life I've felt successful or not but lately I feel that I'm reasonably successful. Fulfilling the goals I've set seems for me to be the measure of my success. Travelling to Thailand this summer and seeing poor people smiling, happy and with lots of free time spent with family and friends made me reconsider what success is. What do you think? Do you feel successful? At what point would you not feel successful? How much does career matter? Financial success? Family, friends, enjoyment or happiness? If we go through a divorce does that automatically make most people feel like a failure? How is success culturally different around the world? My life is such a tiny bubble I'm curious what other people think on this.

    • Success is just a word. Sure, it means something was accomplished, thus placing a finite measurement applied onto a very specific topic. I never fully understood how someone can be called successful, per global, as a whole. As you well noticed, I think using this word too often is a result of certain Western cultural sociological mentality, one that does thrive on measurable, quantifiable accomplishments and dismisses anything less clear, that can't be measured, packed and labeled.