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    • I was always into arts and crafts when I was growing up, I made all sorts of things and sold them at the school holiday craft bazaar. It wasn't until I exhibited at my first textile design trade show that I realized I had been entrepreneurial all along, and that those craft bazaars in middle school really were my first trade shows! I wonder how much the "booths" (tables) cost, maybe $15, or free. I made and sold jewelry, I painted furniture, decorated my bedroom, and also made these colorful magnetic picture frames for the fridge. I wrote my initials and the year on the back of each one - in a metallic silver marker, no less - and it's such a delight to go to the houses of friends and family and see them in action - and I'm like - you still have that?! It's a cool affirmation that I had a knack for decor all along. However I never identified as an "artist" because they could paint realistic portraits and I couldn't.

      Then when I was 20 my aunt told me about the field of textile design and I instantly knew it was the culmination of everything I had always loved. It's the decorative fun part of the fashion industry and the home interiors industry. So I went to school at The Fashion Institute of Technology, or FIT, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Textile and Surface Design. I also worked in-house at many corporate fashion companies, including Banana Republic and Victoria's Secret PINK. Then in 2015 I left to start my own textile design business, exhibiting at trade shows including Premiere Vision. I started as a print studio, designing and selling prints and representing other designers as well. Over the past few years I shifted into designing collections of custom prints for clients who want something special for their brand. I've come to love the business side of things, but am still ever-fascinated by the world of textile design.