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    • It really is hard to understand what can be so frightening to folks about vaccines that have been used in 100s of millions of people without signfiicant sequelae.

      I have two sons in their 50s, neither of whom plan on getting vacccinated - One of them has several risk factors for serious Covid disease too if he would become infected.

      I am a loss to understand their reluctance, but I suspect an influence via Web communities.... Both wives chose to be vaccinated, and already have received their shots.

      The really funny thing, I had my second Moderna shot on March 3rd, and had no symptoms whatsoever. So I went back for my 2nd Shingrix shot Thursday, the first of which I received last October.

      Shingrix vaccine is not the soft pushover Moderna's vaccine is. I ached all over for 36 hours, had a temp pushing 100ºF, a headache, and generally felt pretty punk. The worst I've felt in over a year.

      I wasn't surprised, BeenThere, DoneThat. That was my experience last time.

      But I had shingles about 8 or 9 years, ago, and I REALLY DON'T WANT it to visit me again. The good news is shingles is rarely fatal, but you may feel so bad you wish you would pass on.

    • I had been warned before my first Shingrix shot, that the Shingrix vaccine might come with some nasty, but reasonably brief, symptoms post vaccination. I found that I can certainly concur with that warning. Sounds like you had an experience very like mine. But by the third day I was pretty well back to normal. But not nearly as alarming as my small pox vaccination I had in 2001 after 9/11.

    • Yes, because of the concern about the anthrax spores after 9/11. They needed a volunteer who would see potential small pox patients, and I knew I had been vaccinated twice as child. And then once again in 2001. I had a mild fefer, and a distinct viral prodrome - aching, felt sick, tired, yucky. But after 36-48 hours it left and I was fine, as I expected, but wondered a bit about it, for several hours.

      Taught me to be more careful when I choose to volunteer 😇 Still, I would do it again, under similar circumstances.