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    • Beautifully written post! Thanks for the motivation. I am a very lazy writer and while I have these long conversations inside my head, when it comes to putting it down to (digital) paper I really drag my feet. I am going to make an effort to do better and take a few cues from your post.

      Thanks for sharing these useful tips. I enjoy reading your posts because they are so well structured and easy to consume. Keep up the great work buddy! 🙂

    • One of the letters that I felt was missing in your 5Ws and 1H is an “F”.

      F as in formatting, which you do a brilliant job of in your above post.  

      I have found that Cake’s italics is visually off-putting, and a disruption to ease of reading, if it’s used for more than one sentence in a paragraph.

      Sign-post each section with a heading formatted in bold

      Long-form posts, which I’d define as anything more than seven paragraphs*, usually benefit from breaking content into sections that are set off with a heading.  It also helps to use bold or italics to emphasize a key point to your reader.  

      Using quotes in your posts, and properly crediting the source with a hyperlink or embedded link, can add credibility and interest to your argument.  

      Setting off long quotes is helpful, but I think they shouldn’t be longer than a couple paragraphs: the greyed out text can become visually taxing, like italics, if overused.  You can also center a profound bit of wisdom, such as this one from 365 Photos Later:

      Practice makes perfect.

      Use visuals throughout your post to separate sections.  Embedded links, which is a link that has been expanded into a clickable image like this

      can provide a momentary break from deep reading, which may be needed for readers after they’ve consumed multiple scrolls of content.

      *I have no idea where the line is drawn for long-form content, in case you’re wondering how I came up with “seven paragraphs.”

    • So if you want to start writing, just do it. If you want to make writing a hobby, just do it. It's a great skill to have, and one that I think will become more and more valuable the more technology becomes entwined in our lives.

      As always. a wonderfully crafted conversation. I especially liked your idea of jotting down notes on your phone. I usually do similar on my iPhone and let it simmer for at least a day or two, or longer. Often, a second conversation idea will appear during the simmering process and it becomes a deliberation as to which idea is more relevant or timely.