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    • It looks like you're using a preformatted text block for your "Practice makes perfect" paragraph, but a block quote (like what I've used above to quote your text) would be more appropriate.

       I disagree

      Actually, I had no idea what some of these formatting options were officially used for. I find the pre-formatted text option to be a good way to provide a momentary pause after multiple scrolls’ worth of text, especially if I have several more scrolls of thought for my kind reader to slog through.

      Ideally, we would be able to break up sections by inserting photos in between text, instead of only at the end. ADVrider does a nice job of providing these photo pauses with their ride reports, like this incredible piece from Evergreen.

    • So if you want to start writing, just do it. If you want to make writing a hobby, just do it. It's a great skill to have, and one that I think will become more and more valuable the more technology becomes entwined in our lives.

      As always. a wonderfully crafted conversation. I especially liked your idea of jotting down notes on your phone. I usually do similar on my iPhone and let it simmer for at least a day or two, or longer. Often, a second conversation idea will appear during the simmering process and it becomes a deliberation as to which idea is more relevant or timely.