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    • It’s surprisingly difficult to find a tripod for a phone that actually works. One that holds the phone with confidence and sets up in seconds. I’ve owned a few “phone” tripods, which I found to be too bulky, too complicated or too flimsy.

      For outdoors, the perfect tripod should be ultra light yet sturdy. When hiking or running I should be able to hold it in my hand for hours. It should set up in seconds on a first rock or branch I see. I'm there to enjoy nature and capture memories, not fiddle with a tripod.

      I came across a phone tripod at local REI store that seemed to check all of the boxes. Joby GorillaPod Mobile Mini is a long name for a tiny tripod. At $15 I wasn’t risking my retirement funds, so I got it.

    • When I showed the GorillaPod to my girlfriend she asked why I needed yet another tripod for my phone when I already had 3 others and didn’t use them. I said that the others sucked, but this one was perfect! She rolled her eyes… 

    • To prove that this tripod was the one I asked my girlfriend a question. Was it heavier than the table fork and if so, by how much? We both took a guess. I said it weighed the same as a fork, she said it was definitely heavier. We were both wrong… I measured it on a coffee scale in the kitchen. GorillaPod Mini weighed just 37.2 grams, while the table fork was 37.7 grams. To get an idea of its weight, just hold a fork. It’s that light.

    • I was very proud of my mini phone tripod and immediately started experimenting with how I would use it outdoors. I clamped it upside down on a tree branch and it didn’t fall. How cool is that?

    • The design of the clamp that holds the phone is pure genius!

      When an elastic cord is stretched, it creates tension between the upper and lower clamp with phone’s body as a rigid structure. The grips inside of the clamp "jaws" are made of rubberized material so it won't scratch the phone and holds it securely.

    • GorillaPod’s legs are pretty easy to bend. The entire tripod is made of plastic yet it feels sturdy and secure. I took it out on a windy day for a run and shot a few selfies using a 10 second countdown timer. This tiny tripod held strong and I got the shots. For outdoors its a perfect companion for my phone.

      Is there another tripod you love to use with your phone outdoors? 

    • It is a real thing. I will try your GP version. I have had other GorillaPod's but maybe they were knockoffs...but, the flexi-legs always seem to separate on me.

      I will probably buy one today based on your review.

      I have considered this and still might:

      To use in conjuction with my mini Manfrotto which I really like because it is stable.