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    • Anyone else listen to shortwave radio? I just got into the hobby with an online tuner and im enjoying my self quite alot! Seems like theres always intresting going on!

    • Im currently using A radio in california, I'll message out any intresting channels people are talking on Just in case people want to listen in with me

    • Well, the main story was i was cruising around at 2 am, and i stumbled upon some guy accusing a guy of running a meth lab out of his house and giving out his adress and namedropping neighbors. Naturally i stayed tuned in, and the other guy was in the channel as well! It was nutty! Turns out there was no real evidence of him making any meth, he was just a lush who broadcasted over the air when he got drunk.

      The argument continued, with accusations of sexually innapropriate comments towards the accusers daughter, and threats to report to the fcc, while the other man started to make whooping and babbling noises like a child trying to drown out something he didnt want to hear.

      Anyway, with all this intresting stuff going on, i did the only reasonable thing and looked into it more. Sure enough, i found out some stuff. First of all, all the name dropped information was publically available knowlege, I found in ~5 minutes of searching. I ALSO found the guys twitter, and he was nutty! Talked about Pleiadians and light speed travel and other silly stuff.

      I think the most shocking part was that this behavior was well known. I found complaint pages on private blogs dating back to 2007 complaining about this same guy! Apparently he got arrested in 2009 for 45 days in jail & 3 years probation for assault, assaulting an officer, & use of a tear gas weapon, of all things!

      Long story short, A very intresting night.

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