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    • I keep adding, conversations, and every single topic listed. So I wonder, what exactly does that help me achieve? Is there going to be a point where enough is enough? Or will it just be tacitly sleeping me into the quiet zone?

    • Hahaha, I do the same. 😁 I predict the day will come, however, when I’ll start unfollowing some topics as traffic picks up and it gets too much.

      We were looking at traffic yesterday and we started from a very small base but it has doubled in the last 90 days, a little faster toward the end.

    • Well, may be just me but seems the more items it needs to check, the longer it takes. For example just now the site is taking on average over 3 ~ 4 seconds time to switch between "For You" and "All" and back again, showing the progress bar. Edit: After trying it a dozen times, it eventually gets better.