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    • I really liked the Hero Villian Assigment because you got to see some of your struggles in life that makes you a better person. Doing thing assignment made me aware of my life being not promised. People take their life for granite. Not everyday is promised like people think. I used to fly by the seat of my pants and it never hit home until I did this assignment.

      I enjoyed this assignment because I get to look forward to what I get to do after working so hard this semester. I can not wait until Summer Vacation. I missed out on so much time with my chaotic school schedule this semester. I enjoyed being able to use pictures and words instead of writing out full sentences. I am so used to having to write and describe in detail. This class was really interesting and way different then any of my others. I actually enjoyed doing the assignments.

    • Raeanna,

      I also loved the summer vacation project. I can agree that relaxing and making memories with the family is one of the best times of the summer.I liked your pictures you used for making memories. Camping is a wonderful bonding time and s'mores is one of the best parts! I also liked the first slide as it was put together very well with the picture blending into the slide design. I have two suggestions for this presentation. One is to use some words on the slides explaining why you are excited for this. I notice that you relied on pictures to explain each topic. I would have liked more words to really connect with the presentation more. Also, your references need to be the original website so that it is not a super long reference on the page. I liked your presentation!