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    • I'm sure all of us would like more people to use Cake. I'm also sure most of us are doing our part trying to get more people to join the platform by sharing posts over on other social networks. I myself always share my posts on Twitter, hoping to attract more people to this wonderful platform. But would an official Cake account on other social networks help? Specifically, Twitter?

      I could see a few advantages from this. The account could promote featured posts on Twitter, showing off the kind of high quality content users could expect from the platform. It would also put the platform in a more visible environment, where many new users could be introduced to the platform. It would also make Cake more visible to news outlets, so any updates or changes to the site could be tweeted out, and these news outlets could then report on it, making Cake even more visible to more potential members.

      Worth considering?

    • Looks like it could be. I did search for it before posting, but "cake" didn't bring up this account in my search. Wonder if it could be better maintained and more active. That could help spread the word of this platform to more people.

    • they actually got ahold of the lady who had the handle and she turned it over to them as she didn’t end up using it as she planned... or something like that! That’s why the joined is so long ago.

    • Yep, @cake is our official Twitter account, and @PJ is right about how it became ours. We don't tweet as much as we probably should, but hopefully that'll change soon! 😉

    • For the Cake Panel I moderated last month, we probably had over 40,000 views for the tweets the panelists and I sent out to promote the panel: I didn’t compare notes with them, but I have by far the smallest number of followers and just my tweets alone garnered over 9,000 views. I am more than willing to retweet Cake’s weekly(?) tweet of featured content, however, my followers are mainly interested in maths and problem solving:

    • If the Cake Twitter account actively posted, sharing interesting conversations, then we could then retweet them and spread the word even further. I feel like the Cake Twitter account should be the starting point, and we continue the work from there.

    • That is just incredible news! Congrats on the addition of a social media guru to your team. @yaypie suggested last week that we all do our part to get the word out about Cake. If there are one or two specific things that @Victoria thinks would be useful for us to do, please share as that would help us to better help Cake.