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    • Growing lag on my Nexus 6P. Considering Pixel 3 XL / 2 XL (unsure about the smaller ones' batteries lasting one whole day). This video may sway me to the latest model but damn it's expensive ಥ﹏ಥ 

    • Hi Teng Cheng and welcome to Cake! 😁Thank you for posting about loving our simplicity on Google+.

      Great review, tons of interest in this phone. I'm a little bit jealous as an iPhone X user who once owned an Android phone. I did it because at the time it had a bigger form factor available than Apple did, and I wanted to see photos as big as possible.

      I would love to have the fingerprint scanner on the back of this phone. My iPhone doesn't recognize my face with all the different glasses and hats I wear often enough, except when the kids want to play games on it so they grab it, point it at my face and run away to play some game.

      I also love Marques Brownlee's reviews. 3 million views and 19,000 comments in 3 days on this one!

    • OMG! The co-founder responded to my post! Achievement unlocked! ヽ(´▽`)/

      And yeah the fingerprint scanner is a must. It's way faster and pretty convenient in most situations. Also love MKBHD. Watched his 2nd impression as well. Can't wait for his full review! 😁 (Just realised I can insert emoji heh)

    • I don't have the face detect issues Chris reports. Maybe I don't have enough glass/hat combinations. The down side to a fingerprint sensor is that it doesn't work when wearing gloves. I often use the phone in the garage as either a camera or as the user interface to a diagnostics tool when working on one of my bikes. I'm wearing nitrile gloves when I do that kind of stuff. Constantly entering a pass code gets old, fast.