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    • Hi folks,

      Anyone have a good source for new / refurb batteries for a Canon1dmk11n? I have 4 but they have don't last long anymore, quite a few years old and been cycled a lot. I have done the complete discharge - charge with them but only one battery holds a decent charge.

      I love the autofucus on the 1d and don't want to stop using it.


    • Try Bettabatt in Australia
      They don't ship internationally but if you want to send it to my address I can forward it to you no problem, let me know.
      Thier replacement needs a tweak.
      *** There have been customer reports that this battery doesn't fit quite as well as the original Canon NP-E3. The battery will work fine but it just doesn't appear to fit the camera quite as comfortably. Here’s the solution. Remove the original plastic “head” from your old Canon battery by unscrewing the only two small screws visible on the whole battery. This allows the plastic assembly to come cleanly away from the battery housing. Replace the plastic housing on our battery with the original Canon housing. Now your replacement battery will fit just like the original. NOTE: This does not entail “dismantling the battery”. The battery part stays intact. We’re talking about the housing only. It takes about 2 minutes to do. Provided you do not dismantle the actual battery and only remove the head, it is still covered by our 400 day money back guarantee. We prefer to be up front with you so you know exactly what you are getting *** Canon EOS 1D Mark II N Battery Replacement

    • If you are truly serious about keeping the Canon 1D Mark IIN alive and have an original charger, B&H still has original replacement batteries for that model, as well as fitting the 1D Mark II (original) and the 1Ds Mark II:

      Adorama has the same:

      *Yes, they are expensive.

      Otherwise, B&H has the Watson brand in an NP-E3 size that gets good marks:

      Otherwise, if you still have the external power dummy battery case and cable (which originally came with the 1D/1Ds series bodies), I believe you could get a Quantum Instruments SD6 Power Cable and couple that to an external Quantum Turbo 2x2 Battery, or similar. (Nat Geo used that setup from time to time IIRC.)

      I'm in the same boat with 2 - 1D Mark II bodies, which still work perfectly for outdoor sports and indoors with flash at close distances. AF is so spanking good on those bodies (using most "L" lenses) that they are worth keeping, IMO.

    • I refreshed and charged the 4 batteries I have and 2 are holding a charge. So the 1d is back in service. I have a 7d mk2 which is more advanced but I love the weight and handling of the 1 series canons