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    • I was very lucky to get an opportunity to visit Specialized Bicycles headquarters in Morgan Hill, California. It was on a rare occasion that they opened up the headquarters to visitors the day before Stage 4 of Amgen Tour of California.
      Being an avid cyclist and a triathlete, this was one of the places on my bucket list to visit for a long time. I was thrilled to get a tour and see some of the concept bikes they have on display on the second floor of their museum, which is rarely open to public.

      This was one of the highlights: Specialized Speed Demon concept bike 😍

    • The line to visit the Specialized Headquarters on that day was long, spanning for another block around the building (about three times as long as seen in this photo).

    • As we anxiously awaited our turn to get in, I took a quick snap of the Specialized Logo sign, which looked awesome against the puffy clouds.

    • I wasn't able to secure a spot for Specialized famous Win Tunnel tour, but had a chance to see the second floor of the museum displaying some of their wild concept bikes.

    • We were so lucky to get Specialized Design Director - Robert Egger as a guide. He was incredibly knowledgable and funny, making the tour such a blast! One of the first things he showed us was he believes is the World Oldest Mountain Bike:

    • The windshield on a bicycle is such a radical idea, but it is executed so well in this design. Just imagining how the air would flow over the shield and around the helmet is mind-blowing for an aero-geek like me.

    • The cockpit with short integrated aero bars are neatly tucked behind the windshield. Smart integration of the mobile phone or a bigger bike computers is something I wish to see more of in future bikes and this concept bike truly takes it into an account.

    • It is hard to say how comfortable this seat is, but it is without a doubt very aero! If you look closely there is a notch behind it to open "cargo area". It sure looks nicer than a saddle bag πŸ˜‚

    • Complete with custom tri-spoke wheels and disc brakes this bike will rip through the air yet stop as fast as possible.

    • The affectionately called F-UCI concept bike ("F" standing for "future" 🀣 ) breaks all of the UCI rules. Super-aero frame geometry, battery with internal motor, disc brakes etc. are all integrated in this amazing bike concept.

    • The stem is definitely "slammed" on this Tandemonium bike. The red and white color scheme emphasizes slicing curves and really adds character to this machine.

    • This beauty of a beast is called "Specialized Moto Demo", which is based on the Specialized Demo downhill bike platform but with a throttle twist 😍

    • Those rear linkages, gearing and motor integration all look super cool. I'd love to take it down the mountain and rip it up to the top for the second round!

    • You just have to be very careful on that Moto Demo to avoid running into one of these Specialized Concept Police bikes 🀣

    • If riding on wheels just isn't your thing, you can replace them with skis and get this fun Specialized Ski Bike:

    • At the end of our tour we went outside and saw the next generation of cyclists taking turns in the parking lot. Looking at these kids with huge smiles reminded me how my love of cycling started at such a young age and is still growing 30+ years later...

    • Thanks for sharing this! I really wanted to go, but couldn't make it because of work. Did they talk about any future innovations in their portfolio? I know their Shiv has been around for a while now. Of course it's a good bike, but you would think that they would have updated it by now.