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    • As for my background, I'm a primary school teacher and I'm very proud to work with some inspirational educators in the north of England. I have taught thousands of children in hundreds of schools. I love being in the classroom and I also like developing innovative edtech content to make students lesson more engaging.

      apm wrote this wonderful bio about me, it is probably the most flattering thing I have ever read.

      "For those not involved in the maths education universe on Twitter, Drew is an amazing mathematician, educator and recreational maths puzzle expert. He’s been involved in multiple online learning platforms including which he co-created, and Maths-Whizz. Drew’s recreational maths puzzles on Twitter are regularly enjoyed by maths educators and their students. He is a frequent presenter at maths conferences throughout the UK.

      I’ve been a big fan of Drew’s recreational maths since I discovered them this summer and am thrilled that he will be participating in Saturday’s panel on How do you make maths fun?

      The wonderful apm