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    • My solution to this problem is to grab the whole team (usually 4 to 6 developers, a designer and the project MD) and teach them the lesson I would teach to students.

      It is fascinating when you just get up there at the IWB and teach the team old school. It could be anything from number bonds to quadratic equations.

      Can you imagine teaching a class that are at first are struggling to learn some very elementary maths but then once the have understood the concepts start firing questions at you about what range of algorithms they need to put into the coding.

      Once the team have learnt all the principles of the lesson it will move onto a session where i ask them about complexities of the coding. I'll be explaining how I want 7 year olds to input the answer for a simple shape & space question... I'll then ask whether this will introduce any coding issues. At this point it will then enter a sort of horse whispering scenario, if all the developers are all doing head tilts you know you have to look for alternatives.

      You will be offering different input solutions/algorithms until they suddenly smile and say something incomprehensible between themselves... lots of mentions of java, swift, active scripts, C++, android stroke, iOS and other weird techy phrases.

      About 10 days later the maths activity will be published internally with all the art work ready for final testing and after a couple of bugs are ironed out, the maths activity will be ready to go live on the internet.