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    • I lost everything. At the age of 50, that is not what I imagined from my life. That fire turned out to be a midwife to everything that has happened to me since. From the ashes of the building, I found a strange muse to start to pen "Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics". After that, other things began to take shape. Dan Finkel introduced me to Gary Antonick, Editor for Numberplay Blog in The New York Times. I became a writer there. I started to export the ideas of The Right Angle into Family Math Nights. I even did a few nights at The Museum of Mathematics. I know travel all over North America speaking and doing workshops with teachers and students on the mathematics that I love. My next book, "Math Recess: Creating Creative Curriculum in The Age of Disruption" comes out in 2019, and is a philosophical challenge in making...math(s) fun:)

      Like Dan, I already think math is fun, but there is a huge gulf between how fun math can be and how fun it really is in school right now. One of the things that first needs to be addressed in making it fun is allow conditions for "fun".

      Students--and teachers--need space and time to dabble in math. I am not sure why we feel everything needs closure after 45 minutes everyday. Why can't we give problems that stretch out for longer periods of inquiry--just like in the real world of mathematics. Solutions are punctuation marks. We need more emphasis on the "drafts", the shards of thoughts, coherent or not, by students...