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    • But, the **universe** had other ideas...

      Two weeks before the grand opening, there was a fire in the historic building. The first fire since the building was built in 1871.

    • I'd forgotten about this tragedy! It's inspiring how you turned this around.

      I love your work and "Pi of Life" resonated strongly with my own (not fully formed) opinions on education. Your work as an educational DISRUPTOR could be incredibly powerful in the North of England.

      There are strong groups of DISRUPTERS in England, gathering on social media, and creating their own grassroots conferences.

      We could really need voices like yours to help lead the way.

      I have 90 teachers giving up their weekends and creating their own CPD. Inspirational educators presenting for free and everyone paying their own expenses. This may be happening the world over but I'm proud to part of a group of fabulous educators that are so passionate about teaching.