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    • Okay, almost too many to count, and I encourage anyone interested to dig through the archives for some really great little facts, but I'll drop a few here in no particular order.

      The Mozilla logo, that dinosaur we're all probably familiar with, was created by the street artist Shepard Fairey. And it came into being because one of the developers on Mozilla, Jamie Zawiniski, simply gave him a call, got him to agree to do it, and basically snuck it into the
      project at a moment of chaos to make it the official logo.

      One of the most popular early web tutorial sites, Lissa Explains it All, was created, designed, developed, and written by 11 year old Alyssa Daniels.

      The first major attempt at selling something online was a site created by Pizza Hut which
      let you order pizzas by filling out a form on the web and paying the delivery person directly when they miraculously came to your door.

      The creator of Humans of New York, a really popular photo blog that chronicles the real life experiences of random people that photographer Brandon Stanton finds on the street, was walking around one day and happened upon a random stranger sitting on a bench. When he asked for the guy's name, he was told it was David Bohnett, the founder of Geocities, the exact website where Stanton himself created his first ever website. That's an incredible coincidence to me.