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    • I sure have. I've had wonderful correspondence with people that have played a part in building the web's history, who are usually more than happy to tell me their side of the story. I'm fortunate to be working in such an open and transparent industry, and I love the opportunity to get feedback, notes, or research firsthand. Sometimes, this is a result of me reaching out. Other times, I've had people reach out to me. so special thanks to everybody who's taken the time to have a conversation with me. Coincidentally, if anyone reading this has a story to share, I'm happy to hear it!

      Most of my research, perhaps unsurprisingly, happens on the web. But a lot of it happens from deep Google searches, or digging through old mailing lists, or taking a site and using the web archive to really trace it back as far as I can go. I've used a few books or magazines here or there, but almost all of it happens on the web.